- Christina ravago

Overwhelmed is more like your middle now, amiright? Don't stress!! This process is supposed to be enjoyed!!!

As a life long wedding enthusiast, I decided to use my powers for good and help out stressed brides bring their dream weddings to life!  My career wasn't supposed to go this route... not even close!  In fact, I had designed my whole life around becoming an attorney!  Upon graduating from UCLA (GO BRUINS!), I realized, the courtroom just wasn't for me 🤷🏻‍♀️.  So I started from scratch and learned everything there was to know about wedding designing & planning!  When I'm not wearing my designer hat, I'm loving on my amazing family (Hubs, 2 littles & our fur baby)!  We enjoy Dodger games, yummy food and the oh so necessary cup of coffee!  Life isn't perfect and if I'm frank with you, that's what makes it beautiful!  That's what will make your wedding beautiful too!  All your imperfections along with your perfections, displayed as one unit, that is uniquely you!